Saturday, 5 August 2017

Judge Sets $30K Bail for Cyber Expert Accused in Malware Case

Image: Marcus Hutchins
LAS VEGAS — A U.S. judge in Law Vegas set a $30,000 bail on Friday for a famed British cyber security researcher accused of advertising and selling malicious code used to pilfer banking and credit card information.
Marcus Hutchins, 23, gained international celebrity status within the hacker community in May when he was credited with neutralizing the global "WannaCry" ransomware attack.
His attorney, Adrian Lobo, told reporters he would not be released on Friday because the clerk's office for the court closed before his defense team could post the bail. 
Judge Nancy Koppe dismissed a federal prosecutor's claim that Hutchins was a flight risk. If released, Hutchins will be barred from computer use or internet access.
Hutchins was "doing well, considering what's gone on," his defense attorney, Adrian Lobo, told reporters.
She said it was "unexpected in (Hutchins') mind to ever be in this situation." 
News of Hutchins' arrest on Wednesday shocked other researchers, many of whom rallied to his defense and said they did not believe he had ever engaged in cyber crime


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